How to Identify the Right Size Air Filter for Your Home

Learn how to identify and measure an air conditioner filter correctly so you can order a replacement that fits perfectly in your home's system.

How to Identify the Right Size Air Filter for Your Home

Finding the right size air filter for your home can be a daunting task. Fortunately, there are a few simple steps you can take to make sure you get the right size filter for your air conditioning system. Most air filters are labeled with the dimensions you can find on the sides or frame of the filter. Checking the dimensions is the easiest way to find the right air filter size you need.

The easiest way to identify the size of an air conditioner filter is to remove the existing filter from its slot and examine the filter frame. Usually, the size of the filter is printed along the edge of the filter frame. Please note that the size shown in bold in the filter frame is the nominal size of the filter, which is likely to differ from your actual size. If the actual dimensions do not appear in small print on the filter frame, we recommend measuring the filter to check it.

Step 1: Measure the length and width (L x W). If the filter is not a square, the smallest measurement will be the first. To identify accurately what size air filter you need for your home, it's important to understand how to measure and read air filters correctly. The first step is to remove your existing air filter from its slot and examine it closely.

You'll find that most filters are labeled with their dimensions on either side or along its frame. This is usually referred to as its nominal size, which may differ from its actual size. If you don't see any measurements printed on your filter, we recommend measuring it yourself with a ruler or tape measure to get an accurate reading. When measuring, make sure to take note of both length and width (L x W).

If your filter isn't a perfect square, then use its smallest measurement as your first number. Once you have your measurements, it's time to order a replacement air filter. When ordering online or in-store, make sure to use your nominal size as a reference point when selecting a new air filter. It's important not to install a smaller filter than what's recommended for your system, as this could allow unwanted contaminants into your home's air and air conditioning system.

If you live in an older house with a non-standard sized air return frame, then you may want to use adhesive foam tape to slightly increase your chosen filter's dimensions or order a custom-sized air filter instead. It's also important not to stack several small air filters on top of each other in order to fit them into a larger slot. Most white pleated air filters are inherently similar within each efficiency level and vary slightly from brand to brand. Therefore, it's best practice to replace like-for-like when it comes to air filters.

Finally, remember that filters should be changed every 30-90 days depending on type and efficiency of filter. This will help ensure that your home's air remains clean and free from pollutants and allergens that could cause health issues over time.

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